My Projects


Ishmael Azeli is an independent Kenyan filmmaker and international 1st AC/CAM OPP/DOP, with years of experience in the region and around the globe. He has worked with different clients to conceptualize, manage and execute projects across multiple locations and needs, bringing his creativity and vision to immortalize scripts and images that bring ideas to life. His projects include TV commercials and brand films to short films. His work has been seen alongside big brands around the Globe, and through production houses like: Ahoy Films-South Africa, Quite Bright Films-Kenya, Mermaid Production-New York, Ginger Ink-Kenya, Blue-sky Films -Kenya, Stage Light Production-South Africa, Mojo Productions-Kenya, Bore ales-France, HOME- Los Angels, and others.

He has also been privileged to work with renowned filmmakers, such as DP Denson Baker-Hollywood, Director Jim Loach, Carl Rinsch-Hollywood, Rowry O Grady-South Africa,

Director Dan Prior-Kenya (a mentor),Director Juan Reina-Finland. His passion lies in storytelling and derives his excitement from engaging and moving the audience through dynamic cinematic design. This has been as a result of years of perfecting his craft in film making as he continues to aim and continually go against the grain with his work pushing the value in uniqueness and creativity.